Our board certified emergency physicians are available 24/7 to help you get better, faster.



STAT DOCTORS Makes It Easy And Convenient to Get The Care You Need When You Need It.

Whether you're at work, home or on vacation… Getting care is just a few clicks away.

  • Setting up your account is easy! Register once and complete your electronic health record (your medical history, allergies, medications), then login to your account anytime to schedule an eVisit.

  • Once you've registered, you can call and connect live with one of our emergency medicine physicians. Conduct your eVisit online, on your cellular phone or smart phone with one of our board certified emergency medicine physicians ready to provide you the care you need when you need it. Our virtual waiting room for on-demand online eVisits even posts your wait time.

  • Get personalized care in your eVisit with one of the top, board certified emergency room physicians in your area. Our emergency medicine specialists will diagnose and treat common medical conditions, providing you with high quality care and peace of mind, wherever you are. When appropriate, we can send prescriptions electronically (ePrescribe) to the pharmacy of your choice. A record of every eVisit is posted in your STAT DOCTORS account and added to your electronic health record (EHR). We believe it is important to keep your primary care physician informed about the care you receive using STAT DOCTORS. We can also provide your primary care physician with the progress notes made by STAT DOCTORS medical professionals when you receive a STAT DOCTORS medical consultation.

    STAT DOCTORS is a smarter alternative for the treatment of common, urgent medical conditions. The STAT DOCTORS supplemental health benefit provides anytime, anywhere care that is easy-to-use, convenient, high quality, cost effective and available exclusively to plan participants. If you would like more information on adding the STAT DOCTORS benefit to your plan, contact us today at 888-990-STAT.

  • Convenient

    Get the care you need no matter where you are! STAT DOCTORS is available 24/7 for a virtual consultation, diagnosis and treatment.

  • Easy to Use

    Getting care is just a few clicks away. Log in to schedule an eVisit on demand.

  • Saves You Money

    STAT DOCTORS is a smarter, cost effective alternative to emergency room and urgent care center visits with lower copays for members and lower costs for your employer and insurer.

  • Get Superior Care

    Our network of board certified physicians represents the top emergency medicine specialists in the nation, with the shared passion for delivering high quality care for today's patients.

  • Your Exclusive Benefit

    STAT DOCTORS is an exclusive member benefit that supplements your health and wellness benefit package.